Tip of the week 2 – Packing Sleeping Bags

Large items like sleeping bags can create some difficulty when packing for a lightweight backpacking trip or an event like a mountain marathon.  The need to keep them dry means we tend to (correctly) pack them into dry bags.  Using a bag which is the ‘correct’ size can create a solid lump which is often an inconvenient size or shape.
To make this easier, consider using an oversized dry bag.  Pack the sleeping bag into it without over compressing it.  Squeeze the air out and roll the top closed, creating a softer, flatter package, which can then be used to line the base and back of a smaller sack making it easier to pack your remaining kit around it.
I have used this comfortably on the SLMM and on overnight fastpacking trips and have found that this method of packing compressible but larger items fills the ‘dead’ space much more effectively.

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